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First Time Central Heating Grants

This measure is available under ECO4

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First Time Central Heating Grants

Housewrapped help to deliver ECO funded free central heating systems. Full UK coverage and free surveys with fully accredited installers all delivered through the UK government central heating scheme.

Start saving money on your fuel bills with a central heating system grant through Housewrapped.

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First time central heating grants (FTCH) are available from the government as part of their energy efficiency scheme, Energy Company Obligation (ECO), which is aimed at reducing fuel poverty throughout the UK.

Moving properties from electric or other off gas heating sources will reduce carbon emissions and help towards the government's commitment to reducing carbon emission in the UK to Net 0% by the year 2050.

If you have no central heating system or a system that doesn't involve a boiler and radiators then you will be eligible for the grant, see below for full list of heating types which qualify.

Qualifying Heating Types

  • Electric room heaters, including direct acting room heaters, fan heaters or inefficient electric storage heaters
  • Gas room heaters; including fixed mains gas room heaters
  • Gas fire with back boiler
  • Solid fossil fuel fire with back boiler
  • Electric underfloor or ceiling heating (not part of an electric boiler)
  • Bottled LPG room heating
  • Solid fossil fuel room heaters
  • Wood/biomass room heating
  • Oil room heaters
  • No heating in place

In order to be approved for the grant, somebody living at the property must also be in receipt of one or more of the qualifying state benefits such as tax credits, these will be listed on the application process. There may be exceptions to this rule if the household qualifies under the ECO Flex rules which is determined at the local council's discretion.

Eligibility & Benefits of First Time Central Heating

What are the benefits of First Time Central Heating?

If you currently have a house with no central heating and are wondering why you should take advantage of first time central heating grant, the answer is simple. The funding can mean lower heating bills for your family and at the same time a warmer more comfortable living environment.

A central heating system is also known to be a more reliable and efficient way to heat your home whilst at the same time reducing carbon emissions.

The latest central heating systems on the market are now designed to be smart, allowing you to have complete control of when to heat your home and how warm to have it; great for saving money and coming home to a warm house after a long day.

Am I eligible for a heating grant?

Get an ECO funded efficient first time central heating systems installed for free.

Being eligible for first time central heating is not dependent on the type of house you live in. The amount of bedrooms you have or the amount of people living at the property also has no bearing on your eligibility. The only house related requirements are that you either privately rent or privately own your own home and that your home is well insulated.

Having an insulated home helps keep the cost of using your central heating down. Installation of first time central heating is reliant on your home having adequate loft insulation and cavity wall insulation.

Insulation & Gas Connection

Housewrapped deliver ECO funded efficient first time central heating systems. Also receive funded help to have gas line and meter installed.

If your home is not insulated, we can arrange for this to be installed at no extra cost. We can also cover the cost of underfloor insulation and sometimes even solid wall insulation. A gas connection and a gas meter are also necessary requirements before any central heating can be installed. If this is not currently present in your home, please let us know and we may be able to help you organise a gas line to your house and a meter at no extra cost in some cases.

So if you have no central heating in the house you live in, you own the property or privately rent it and you are in receipt of a qualifying benefit, take advantage of the government's ECO3 scheme and apply for a first time central heating grant today.