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Insulation In Summer

Insulation In The Summer, Really?

Insulation might be boring, but it will keep you cooler during the night.

Home insulation works both ways, keeping the cold out during the winter and keeping the heat out during summer. If a hot room is partitioned from the cold by a wall, heat will move through the wall, eventually cooling the room until a balance is reached, where the outside temperature is equal to the inside temperature.

Normally this very rarely happens because rooms tend to be heated, so as some heat escapes through the wall, more hot air circulates, keeping it at a comfortable temperature. If the thermal difference is larger the movement of heat across the wall will be accelerated.

Thermal Barrier

Insulating a cavity wall helps to provide a thermal barrier which slows the flow of heat out of a room considerably. By slowing down the rate at which heat escapes from the home, less heating is needed to keep the house at the required temperature.

In the summer the reverse happens; hot air outside the home can't get in as easily, which means you don't need to use energy to keep the home cool. Therefore in both summer and winter cavity wall insulation can make a big difference to your energy bills. The process is quick and inexpensive, so it is certainly worth considering.

Summer Benefits

It's a common misconception that insulation only helps during winter. The foam material helps stop heat from escaping through the walls over the winter and it plays just as vital a role during summer.

In the summer months heat is constantly seeking cold places, drawn to your comfortably heated home. The insulation acts as a barrier to this heat, helping to keep your home at a more comfortable temperature during the warmer months.

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