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ECO4 Energy Efficient Measures

Published On: 21/05/2024



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ECO4 Energy Efficient Measures

Exploring Energy Efficiency Measures under ECO4 in the UK

Hey there, environmentally conscious homeowners! Are you looking to reduce your carbon footprint and save some money along the way? Well, Ofgem's Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) in the UK has got your back with a range of energy efficiency measures to make your home more sustainable. Let's dive into what ECO4 has to offer!

A Closer Look at ECO4 Measures

Heating System Upgrades:

  • Non-renewable Heating System Upgrade: Check!

  • Renewable Heating System Upgrade: Double-check!

  • Boiler Repair and Replacement: You bet!

  • First Time Central Heating: Warmth incoming!

Electric Storage Heaters (ESH):

  • Upgrade to HHR Electric Storage Heaters: Got it covered!

  • Repair or Replacement of Efficient ESH: Fixing it up!

Controls and Systems:

  • Heating Controls: Stay in control!

  • Connection to District Heating System: Stay warm and connected!

Renewable Energy:

  • Solar PV: Shine some light on your energy source!

  • Air Source Heat Pumps: Warmth from outside!


  • Solid Wall Insulation - External/Hybrid/Internal: Keep the heat in!

  • Cavity Wall Insulation: Fill up those gaps for efficiency!

How These Measures Benefit You and the Planet

By upgrading your heating systems and improving insulation, you can reduce your energy bills and make your home more comfortable. Plus, these energy-efficient measures help lower carbon emissions, contributing to a healthier planet for us and future generations.

Get Involved and Make a Difference!

ECO4 Measures

Want to learn more about how ECO4 measures can benefit your home and the environment? Check out the official Ofgem website for detailed information on Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) measures, and take the first step towards a more sustainable future.

Remember, every small change you make at home adds up to a big impact on our planet. So, let's work together to reduce our carbon footprint, save money, and create a greener, more energy-efficient world with ECO4!

Stay tuned for more updates and tips from Housewrapped to help you on your journey towards a sustainable home. Let's make a difference, one energy-efficient step at a time!

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